treecareA landscape is a sizable part of your real estate investment. The health and vigor of an individual plant bears directly on the overall worth of that investment.

Keep a tree or take it down?
Support the main branches with a cable?
Treat a diseased plant or let it fend for itself because the expense would be unjustified?

Aesthetic concerns do battle with financial bottom line, and we can help.

It takes only a little preventative care to keep most landscape troubles at bay. An ounce of prevention is what Tree Care by Stan Hunt has to offer. Maintaining healthy plants today, can prevent the costly disease and insect problems of tomorrow or the need to replace that plant.

Tree-care professionals who have traditionally specialized in trees and large shrubs, now bring considerable expertise to the care of all plants.  All plants work in concert to create the beauty of landscape.

Our integrated approach to treating your shrub, tree and lawn problems is both safe and cost effective. Excellent service, quality of workmanship, dedicated professionals set us apart.