Tree Care Micro-Injections

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Micro-Injection • Effective • Safe • Responsible 

Believe it or not, we have the technology to protect your trees through sub-surface micro-injections for insect and disease control. This advance technology mirrors modern medicine in that it provides many remedies that do not enter the environment and do not provide residues like our spraying does.

This modality is particularly effective in enviromentally and neighbor sensitive situations. Call today to discuss with Jim.

We provide compounds that:
• Control Insects
• Control Disease
• Provide Nutrition

These compounds are introduced directly into the tree’s vascular system. These products move throughout the entire tree very quickly and settle in the areas where they will be most effective. In some cases, one injection will provide season-long control! Your application program is designed for your trees’ particular needs.

We inject the proper product in the correct amount for each of your trees’ individual needs to provide proven results. We place product only where it is needed…no messy sprays or drift of chemicals to worry about.!

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