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What geographical areas do you cover for each of your services?

linclearerOur company performs services regularly from the Capitol District area north to the Lake Champlain area. Our Tree Care division is also available for emergency services anywhere in the United States.

How will you notify me when it's time to renew one of my services?

Customers who have regular yearly services such as foundation sprays, tree sprays and lawn care, receive a letter in February outlining their service for the upcoming season. The letter has a return card included for verification that the service is still desired and for recording any changes the customer may require.

What non chemical treatments do you offer for pest control?

Our Pest Control division will evaluate the problem with you and recommend the least invasive method for managing whatever pest is present. Often, non-chemical traps and/or exclusion measures can solve the problem. If chemicals are necessary, we use only registered and approved materials and these are applied by our certified technicians or trained apprentices in the safest manner possible.

I am only in the area in the summer, but my mouse problem lasts all year. Can you help me?

Yes. Our Pest Control division offers monthly pest control service year round. Simply arrange with us to have access to your summer home during the winter months and you can be sure we will handle the problem throughout that time.

I am new to this area. Can you tell me what insects and/or damage to look for in my new home?

Whether yours is a newly constructed or a previously owned home, you should have it checked for wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. Just call us and we will meet with you, inspect your home and propose any treatment you may require.

I am new to the area. Can you evaluate my trees and recommend maintenance for them?

We can have a certified arborist inspect your property with you, evaluate your trees and shrubs, and plan a managment program for you.