blossomtreeWe will make your trees and shrubs look better than they have ever looked before.

Our Certified Arborist, Applicators and Tree Trimmers take great pride in knowing that your trees and shrubs are healthy and that you, the customer, are 100% satisfied with our work.

Our Certified Arborist will help you decide how to maximize the shape, size, and health of your shade trees.

He will work with you and recommend techniques like thinning, crown reduction, and dead wooding to enahnce the beauty and usefulness of your shade tree or trees in the landscape.

What is Feeding? Simply put, it is a decision of plant nutrient enhancement to help your tree overcome a stressor like disease, injury, drought, or over watering. Not all plants need high nitrogen fertilizers, so call to meet with our Certified Arborist today to properly evaluate your trees’ need.

So many times the decision to have your trees or shrubs sprayed is overlooked or underestimated. Climate change is having a direct affect on the northerly migration of soft-bodied scale insects like Magnolia Scale. A rather agressive pest, it leads to branch death in a year – a simple oil spray can eliminate the pest and save the tree. Not sure? Call today to see what up-to-date options we have in store for you, the environment and your plants.

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